Jumat, 09 Juli 2010

Islamic Center, Samarinda

Jumat, 09 Juli 2010

Samarinda Islamic Center Mosque is the mosque located in Samarinda, East Kalimantan, Indonesia, which is the most magnificent mosques and the second largest in Southeast Asia after Istiqlal Mosque. In the foreground of the Mahakam river banks, this mosque has a tower and a large dome that stands upright.

This mosque stands on an area of approximately 12 hectares with a total building area reaches 50 thousand m2. This location was previously a land area of the former sawmill owned by PT Inhutani I, who later donated to the Government of East Kalimantan Province.

Islamic Development Center also is expected to arouse the spirit of togetherness in an effort to face the global era, in addition to a public demand for Samarinda has a place of worship means adequate.

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